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Michael has worked with non-profits across the country in successfully building out annual, major/ planned giving and capital campaigns resulting in raising millions of dollars.  He started working with smaller non – profits which don’t have the large budgets of their larger counterparts – providing training and campaign council in order for his clients to increase their donor base, perfect their messaging and increase revenues to better sustain their mission.

2005 – Present  Member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals
                 2006 – 2010 Board Member

2006 - Certification from the University of Nebraska Omaha in Fundraising Management

2006 – Present  Member of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning
                2010 – 2012 Board Member

2009 - Michael completes his two-year training at the Planned Giving Academy and is certified as a Planned Giving Professional ​

2012 - Bill Sturtevant Major Gift Fund Raising Certification

2015 - Association of Fundraising Professionals International Senior Fundraiser Conference and Certification 


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Twelve years ago when I moved from the for profit world to working in non-profits my mentor told me - you will never get rich doing this work but you will love every day you go to work - and he was absolutely correct - I would not give back a single day.

Working with non-profits to better impart their passion for mission to their donors and in turn increase those donors commitments to the success of the mission is that which drives me.   


Mr. Michael Elias